7 cool psychology tricks that most people don’t know

Everyone loves psychology because it explains our behavior and how it relates to others. It’s there’s a thing that always pulls us to read more about psychology tricks, facts, and hacks. These psychological tricks can be used by everyone for the above reasons, not to manipulate others to fulfill a desire.

1. Responding to the good advice, you know

Especially in a relationship, when you give a good piece of advice to someone, you subconsciously expect a good reply from that person.

When your expectations crash, it feels bad. It feels like you’ve done a great thing to someone, and the least good reply is thank you, but they give an inappropriate reply. Psychology has this issue fixed.

When a person advises you, and you already know that advice. Instead of telling them ‘I know’ or other unpleasant replies, reply with “You are right”.

This is like you are pleasing someone, but you are validating their effort. Lowering your ego and appreciating someone’s effort is a beautiful thing. If your mother or your partner, who rarely advises you gave you the advice you already know, reply with “You are right, thank you”.

2. Psychology trick to achieve big goals

If you don’t want to achieve your big goals, log into your favorite social media platform and announce and brag about your big goals.

Telling others about your big goals, trick your brain into thinking you have already achieved your goal. This makes you lose motivation, which may stop you.

This is the psychology trick you play on your mind. Stop telling people you are going to achieve great things if you want to achieve them.

That’s why most people who talk loudly about things they are going to do, don’t do it. Telling 2 or 3 of your friends is great.

3. Psychology trick to get someone to tell you more

I was a victim of this trick until I learned about it. In a good conversation with anyone, both sides will do anything to fill the silence and make the conversation enjoyable.

If you want to make the other side talk more, the trick isn’t to say magical words or use magic but to simply stay silent looking at their eyes when they reply. This automatically makes them fill the uncomfortable silence by speaking more.

We know people who lie in a smart way that you can’t detect their lies. The longer a person talks about one thing, the more truth you get about what he/she is saying. Staying silent while looking into their eyes will make them talk more and you will know if they are lying.

4. Psychology trick to get others to believe your opinion

In a discussion, everyone wants their opinion to be believed by others. Most people think the loudest opinion will be heard and believed by others, and in most discussions, people believe the loudest opinion.

The trick to getting others to believe your opinion is to not be skeptical and avoid using hesitating words when speaking like I think, maybe, etc.

For example, if two people who were present during a certain event were asked to explain what truly happened in that event.

The first person starts his explanation and his sentence starts with “I think what happened is…” While the second person starts his sentence with “what happened was…” The majority will believe what the second person says, though the first person may be louder than the second.

People follow, listen to, and believe in a person who doesn’t question what he believes in.

5. Psychology trick to win an argument

We all have been into an argument that we want to get out of but can’t. The other side doesn’t want to understand what we are talking about. There are two psychological tricks to win any argument:


The first is to win the argument without arguing. By simply replying with “You are right” to the statement that’s aimed at starting an argument. This is for people who dislike noises and arguments.


If you like arguing and can do it for hours. You might get tired of arguing but can’t let yourself lose the argument.

The trick is applied in the middle of the argument, where the voice is loud and a person is at the edge of his/her control.

Instead of replying with what a person expects (loud and stupid), reply in a calm tone and slowly. This will give the other side the feeling of defeat. Watch out when a person uses this trick on you.

6. Cool psychology trick to staying Discipline

The trick to staying disciplined through a big boring task is to break that task into small and easy tasks. This doesn’t change the fact that the task is big, but it changes how your mind views it. From big and boring to small and interesting.

Instead, of giving your little brother a big task and telling him to complete it. Break that big task and give him these small tasks with time.

After he completes one, let him play or do what he finds enjoyable, then give him another task. This is a smart way to make him love doing the task and enjoy his time. This can go with everyone too.

7. Psychology trick to avoid conflict

When a person feels threatened, they are more likely to start a conflict or a fight.

To avoid this, sit next to the person you expect to fight with rather than across them. This will reduce the probability of conflict or fight occurring and with time it will lead to no conflict.

Src: Motivatedversion


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